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Wind mills with gps tags

When your workplace
doesn't have an address

IntelliFinder is an easy-to-use task management solution that helps teams collaborate more effectively. By combining

location-based search and document indexing functionality, IntelliFinder increases productivity by enabling you to find what you need faster and within your context.

IntelliFinder's location-based feature allows you to organize your tasks based on coordinates instead of addresses so organizations can manage their logistics more efficiently. This feature helps all kinds of businesses to organize their workforce, no matter where they are located. You can use this feature to assign tasks to windmills out in the open, fiber network cabinets along thousands of roads, or multiple machines inside a building.


Automate routine work

Why spend time on the repetitive stuff when you could be doing more of the work you enjoy? Save your time and energy for the things that matter, with IntelliFinder to help streamline task management and documentation.

With the task template feature, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as creating a new task and filling out common fields. This helps to standardize each task for easy documentation.

tasks and subtasks

Let us help you take control of your projects and easily track tasks and documentation

With IntelliFinder, you’ll get underway with a project management system that supports you every step of the way. After all, it’s been designed to help teams be more effective when planning, executing, and tracking projects. IntelliFinder has the power to get work done faster with less effort than ever before.

Task list


Location based documentation management system

Organize your tasks based on location and let IntelliFinder take care of the rest. Store your documentation directly in the system, and get access to it from anywhere.

Task delegation illustration

Task management made easy

IntelliFinder creates an intuitive management toolkit for Project Managers and their teams. The app provides real-time updates on your progress to see how far you have come or how much is left of your project.

Quality control illustration

Do your quality-control with us

With IntelliFinder, you can do your quality control directly in our system. This way you can save time, effort and money by catching errors early on and reducing


Documentation illustration

Digitalizing documentation 

Create your own custom documentation and let IntelliFinder collect and your task documentation. Our custom documentation can contain text, pictures, videoes, and even collect signatures.

Find your full potential

IntelliFinder continually strives to provide the best possible experience for our customers by listening to feedback and acting on it. We develop custom features that meet the needs of specific industries, refining our product even further.


Join us and be part of the IntelliFinder family and find your full potential - just like the rest of these companies.

Get an idea of what efficient planning, automated work, and better documentation look like.

Save time, be organized, and keep work documents easily accessible. Streamline and automate your work.

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