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Optimizing and
Organizing Projects

IntelliFinder is the perfect tool for businesses that deal with service & maintenance. It is designed to help businesses track and document everything they do, aswell as streamlining workflows to elevate efficiency.

Custom Task Lists

Why choose IntelliFinder?

Are you struggling to meet demands?

There is an increase in demands businesses has to meet and navigating it can be difficult. IntelliFinder allows you to save and document everything you do.

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Do you experience miscommunication?

Communicating how a job is to be done can sometimes be difficult. This is why IntelliFinder allows you to create and automate customized task flows, avoiding mistakes and wasted time.

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Do you struggle to have a clear overview of every site and asset?

IntelliFinder lets you map out your assets to easily locate and track progress. Reduce the risk of missing a deadline.

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Learn more about IntelliFinder

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Watch tutorials

Watch some of our short tutorials on how to use the the features of IntelliFinder.

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Book a demo

Book a free presentation of the software where one of our experts will guide you.

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Use cases

Read about how the software is used in the real world by some of our users.

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