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Features that will help you and your team

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Ensure that you don't miss any task documentation with custom task lists.

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Ensure that you don't miss any task documentation with custom forms.

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Track the mobile units in your firm, with our easy tracking system.

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Assign specific user rights for each user, for controlled user management.


Map your assets and network and keep tabs on progress

Plan your construction processes and tasks using locations with fixed geographical coordinates. With sites, you can map any networks, connections, cables, pipes, and more in the IntelliFinder system. With the exact GPS coordinates of every building, access point, network element and more in your system; you get a complete overview of every site and asset your business deals with.

We offer RFID tags for precise localization in a wall or underground, such as pipes, networks, or utility holes. These can be attached anywhere and simply retrieved with our IntelliFinder scanner. The tags are durable, flexibly customizable, and affordable.


Create sites with- or without QR Code/RFID for unique identification, categorize all your sites, and gather all documentation as well as relevant information.


A site has the advantage of being positioned using GPS to ensure the most accurate location. Easily access all historical data, planned or ongoing tasks, and share relevant documents. View all your sites on a map for geographical knowledge.


Identify your site or asset on location and don't lose any information. Keep track of tasks live progression and get more efficient by having everything at hand.


Visual documentation will ensure you never lose vital documents

Organizing your documentation has never been easier. IntelliFinder gives you a secure platform to store all your important data, which can be accessed and worked on by anyone with the right permissions.

Sites and tasks are all about documentation. The time saved for searching for the latest update is enormous, not to mention the savings on printing paper. IntelliFinder stores it all in a secure platform accessible to those with permission to view and edit it.

You can simplify documentation with our simple photo documentation. Visual documentation enables you to quickly and easily document important information in the construction process. You can take the photos directly from your handheld device, and add them to the task form.

Investing in photo-documentation software saves you time and money. The solution is a simple one but will make the entire quality control process much more efficient.

Everything is collected in our documentation module, which allows you to filter through everything in your database. You can even upload more documentation directly from your device, or download what is already in the system.


A secure platform for storing all of your documentation, easy and fast access to everything right at hand, and downloading your documents/pictures/videos at any time.


Spend less time searching for your documentation and never lose any information. Storing documentation on sites or tasks enables you to access the right data at the right time.


When you need the latest version of the right document or want to limit the errors due to lack of information, then make sure to utilize the effectiveness of coordinated documentation and quality control.


Structured task setup ensure job is done right the first time

The task module allows you to set up your internal and external workflows based on main and sub-tasks. You can define several task sequences and apply them to different projects.


By structuring the task, you ensure standardized documentation versions and hence increase the data quality. Each employee is guided based on the task structure and documents the required data and information following the specified guidelines.

The form module enables you to receive the required measurements, photo documentation, information, materials, and much more.


To guarantee the quality, you can approve or reject completed tasks. Rejected tasks are marked as incomplete and allow your teams to receive and correct the rejection reason.

With the help of a start and end date, you define the time axis for every task. Your employees can use the navigation in the app to drive directly to their task location. Scanning a QR code will take you directly to the task list linked to that site or asset.


Create tasks on sites for internal or external purposes, and assign them internally or to a subcontractor. Combine tasks with forms and follow the progress.


Following the whole process and combining it with forms, you ensure specified guidelines are met and required documentation is gathered. Take control and manage multiple subcontractors whilst you have easy access to documentation.


Avoid errors when completing tasks. Start by implementing the best solution for your success. Improve your planning and execution of tasks whilst being in control and able to manage multiple projects and subcontractors. 


Manage user access down to the specifics 

The building block of our system is based on our user management. With this, you can manage each user's permission down to only have read access. 

Create, edit or delete users easily with our easy-to-use user interface.

User profiles make it easy to create general roles; project managers, quality assurance, road workers, etc. You can customize each profile to have the exact access you would like - each module has read, edit and delete permissions, and you decide who should have access to it.

With our subcontractor feature, you can manage users from your subcontractors, and our system can even handle filtering out subcontractors tasks, so multiple subcontractors won't be able to see each other's work.


The system offers great variety in user management. Creating users comes with an easy-to-use interface. We have subcontractor features, and our user profiles allow you to give each user exact permissions to the system.


Creating or removing users is as easy as it should be, also having control of which subcontractors are allowed to access your databases and what they may see is done through user profiles.


Simplify the permissions and limit access to create the best possible environment for your business needs.


Categorize your assets and tasks

IntelliFinder makes it easy to collect, organize, and secure your assets. With IntelliFinder you can categorize, track, and secure all of your vital information by location. From contractors to inventory you're sure not to miss a single thing.

With IntelliFinder, you can quickly and easily categorize your assets and locations. Then you can assign tasks to the appropriate parties, who can also record their work in real-time. IntelliFinder makes every project easy to organize and manage!

Our categorizing features make collections of all your assets; sites, tasks, documentation, tools, inventory etc. With these collections, you can easily find and use anything from said collection. Without categories, we could not connect everything the way we do now.


View all your assets on list or map view and organize them in the desired structure with multiple levels

(Parent and sub-categories).


Having a good structure allows for easy navigation to access your assets and keeps the complete overview simple and neat.


If you've ever spent too long looking for specific assets, and locations or just want a complete overview then our categories structure will provide you with that.


Standardize your own form of documentation

There is no need for more pen and paper, tables and endless emails for your quality control. Create digital forms for your teams, subcontractors and customers in the IntelliFinder system. That enables you to guarantee that all relevant data is entered in the form with mandatory fields.

Quality control forms are a necessity in the modern age to ensure that your product is up to high standards. IntelliFinder makes it easy to control what data and documentation you need for each type of task. IntelliFinder helps you provide quality documentation by securely storing signatures, pictures, and other forms of data for your staff to access at a moment's notice.

The photo documentation provides you with the perfect tool for onsite inspections and meetings. The picture documentation allows you to take photos directly on-site with the in-app camera function and save them in an integrated form.


Customize your form with text fields, picture fields, dropdown fields, and many more. Automate your data gathering and setup mandatory fields for guidelines.


Make gathering big or small data easier. Utilize forms and make working smarter and more intuitive whilst not wasting unnecessary time finding documentation. You've always got it right at hand and access to reports has never been easier.


Never miss any form for documentation by designing your form to meet your requirements. Setup mandatory fields for guidelines and make sure to use the automated fields for quick and correct data gathering


Coordinate work seamlessly across teams

IntelliFinder allows you to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently by enabling you to build a smarter workflow that adapts to the way you work. It offers organizations a seamless way to create and manage performant task templates, task flows, workflows, and tracker forms that can be accessed wherever you are on desktop and mobile devices. The insights it provides also facilitate easier collaboration, improved visibility, and streamlined communication among teams.

IntelliFinder helps you build a custom workflow, document processes, and forms, and track any data needed to automate your business processes.

IntelliFinder was built to fit your organization's unique needs, providing you with customized workflows, documentation, and forms. When paired with our specialized team, we ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.


Custom workflows that align with your set of tasks, design them with the right amount of subtasks, and attach forms for each of them.


Be efficient and create templates for individualized workflows. This enables you to create tasks on the go or whilst preparing next week's agenda with ease. Combined with forms you ensure a complete reporting solution that suits the whole business process.


Take it to the next level and apply high-level of control; Centralize and manage your business with a best-in-class solution.


Track your inventory in real-time

The warehouse management module offers the possibility to record and manage materials, machines and vehicles in the IntelliFinder system. You get an overview of the stocks, usage, repairs and locations in real-time.

Warehouse management helps you manage your equipment. Manage your warehouse, items and vehicle fleet. See which items are still in your warehouse, what items removed, who your customer is, and receive reports with the correct data for your warehouse.


You can print reports for your customer or directly send data via email for them to review.  The reports you receive will include all the relevant information – so you never have to worry about which data is important or not!


With inventory, you always know which items are reliable and their location, manage by serial number, track all transactions, generate reports, and apart from warehouses you can move items to cars, sites, and tasks.


Utilizing inventory as a stand-alone feature or combining it with sites and tasks will provide you with real-time information. Setup alarms on specific items for specific warehouses and streamline your inventory whilst being more steps ahead than behind.


Either in a hurry or you lost some items, you can be sure inventory will be a great addition to your traceability and transparency. Control the stock count using reports and correct it with ease. Never miss required inspections with our 1-click easy to use inspection tool.


Coordinate work seamlessly across teams

IntelliFinder is an innovative fleet management solution that enables you to control your fleet optimally and reliably. With IntelliFinder your entire fleet is optimally organized.

IntelliFinder is an integrated fleet management system that allows you to optimize your logistic processes and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

The fleet management module allows you to see the geographical location of your car fleet. Driver logs and driving information provide you with essential documentation of the vehicles.


With an integrated NFC tag, your team can easily register start and stop in the car.


Track real-time location of all your vehicles, trucks, trailers or bigger constructed machines/stations that needs to travel. Export the logged data or view the routes directly in the system.


Coordinate your work force utilizing fleet management and take control of your logistics. Be ready to react on urgent matters in a hurry with the closest vehicles.


Increase efficiency and don't waste unnecessary resources, optimize your overview with reliable fleet management.

Get an idea of what efficient planning, automated work, and better documentation look like.

Save time, be organized, and keep work documents easily accessible. Streamline and automate your work.

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