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We elevate

Through coordinated project planning for businesses involved in the development and maintenance of infrastructure.


Ensure the job is done correctly the first time and save valuable time and resources.

IntelliFinder at HI23

We are a part of the Smart Company exhibition, where we will demonstrate how unique IDs can revolutionize service and maintenance. At 10 AM, 12 PM, and 2 PM, you can join a guided tour of the Smart Company booth, where IntelliFinder will showcase how our software solution benefits companies dealing with critical infrastructure. You will witness how a company can:

  • Efficiently manage inventory upon package receipt.

  • Track site locations by coordinates to identify service needs.

  • Document tasks completed on-site.

  • Access all your project information from anywhere.

  • Get a comprehensive view of the status of all your projects to meet deadlines.

  • Have every detail about your services, whether big or small, in one streamlined system.

  • Manage your crew remotely, reducing travel and saving time.

  • Assign unique ID codes to the assets you want to monitor.

  • Scanning these tags with your phone will directly link users to tasks associated with that asset, ensuring they are at the correct site.

  • Avoid delays and miscommunication by clearly identifying and locating sites in the system.

  • Prevent inaccuracies by centralizing data in one system.

  • Enhance quality control. Our system empowers you to conduct quality control remotely.

  • Customized task lists to ensure all requirements are met. These can be tailored to your needs, guaranteeing that every demand is satisfied and quality control is maintained.

  • Enhance efficiency by ensuring jobs are done correctly the first time.

  • Maintain a comprehensive overview of every site that requires management to avoid losing track of deadlines.

  • Reduce 'unforeseen circumstances,' such as incorrect equipment or subpar quality control.

  • Comply with regulations and documentation requirements, and ensure accurate data—all within a single system.

Let us demonstrate the system to you.

While we always welcome conversations, we understand that we can be quite busy at times. Therefore, we are pleased to offer a free private demo to anyone interested at the HI Exhibition.

Experience a detailed demonstration of our software with one of our experts. Schedule a demo now and discover how it can benefit your business.

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