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Manage Deployment & Maintenance tasks of your Tower Assets & Network Inventory

Find us at our booth in Hall 6 booth 6G30 at the Confederation of Danish Industry from February 26 - 29. We will be there every day from 8:30 - 19:00 (until 16:00 thursday).

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​IntelliFinder is a SAAS company for managing resources related to geographical locations. The IntelliFinder system is designed for:
  • Planning

  • Mapping & documentation

  • Project & task management

  • Maintenance of any physical network or technical installation such as fiber optic, electrical, etc.

  • Transparency throughout your company

Main Features:
  • Visual documentation & quality control

  • Map towers with exact GPS coordinates

  • Real-time progress updates

  • QR- & Barcodes for assets

  • Optimized for mobile, tablet & web

  • Inventory management

Benefits for Telecom Tower Management

Deployment icon.png

Deploy, repair & maintain telecom tower installations faster


Effective communication with stakeholders


Easily assign technicians to the right tasks based on location


Automate routine work & reduce errors & rework

IF Map.png

Map your towers

  • Visualize all your towers & assets, even the ones not visible to the naked eye.

  • These trackers do not require battery and can be scanned two meters below the surface.

  • Allows for visual overview of towers and their unique historical data linked to each of them.

Storage module.png


  • Before a field technician even drives to a site, he can be prepared for what to is to come.

  • IntelliFinder comes with inventory tracking so a technician can see exactly which parts are needed for tasks awaiting him.

  • Technician will also be able to remotely look up every image, document or previous reports done on tower in preparation for tasks.



  • Customize forms to fit your needs and ensure that requirements are met - every time.

  • Your historical data is highly valuable.

  • Upload files, such as documents and images to share across the organization.

And so much more...

Coordinated Workflow

Working smarter means working faster. And working faster means more time for the things that matter in your organisation

Structured Task Setup

Define your own task sequence and assign them internally or to a subcontractor. Ensure that the job is done right the first time and avoid miscommunication.

Third Party Documents

We want our users to be free to upload data into IntelliFinder, whether that is a PDF, Excel, PNG, etc, we want you to be able to add your previously established data

Manage Permissions

Whether a user should have read only permissions or a user should be able to assign and edit work flows. Tailor the privileges for each user according to your preferences, putting you in control of defining their scope of actions


  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

  • Use your existing Microsoft or Google account

  • Accessible via PC, tablet or mobile devices

  • Multiple user profiles

  • Multiple user access with different profile authority


Connect all parties & systems

  • Connect all your teams, subcontractors and systems.

  • Share work progress, forms, reports as data in real-time.

  • Avoid any miscommunication and easily share information.

View entire operation on multiple levels

  • Real time display of status from "top down" to the individual vendor/supplier and project.

  • Easily identify current status of tasks in progress, not approved, delayed or completed.


QR/bar codes
NFC Tags

Secure shortcuts to your data

Can be scanned with handheld device.
Shortcut to the IntelliFinder system.
Secure and only works for users with access to site.
Customizable to suit individual company.


RFID tags

Precisely localize FTTX

Minimize excavation work by knowing exactly where to dig.
Range up to 2 meters.
Comes with a sling for carrying comfort.

RFID cards.png

TDC is the largest Danish company in telecommunication and deals with cellphones, broadband and television primarily within the Scandinavian market.

ELTEL Networks

Eltel is a supplier of electricity in Denmark that uses the document modules of IntelliFinder to ensure that jobs are done correctly and quickly.


NET manages fiber to customers in the Faeroe Islands and utilizes IntelliFinder to secure a faster workflow and better quality control.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Key Account Manager

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Account Manager

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