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Manage Deployment & Maintenance tasks of your Tower Assets & Network Inventory

Effortlessly optimize tower projects with precise asset mapping, location-based task assignment, and streamlined collaboration between your team, subcontractors and other stakeholders.


Achieve efficient workforce planning, real-time progress monitoring, and centralized documentation—all in one platform for seamless coordination.

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Key Benefits for Telecom Tower Management

Deploy, Repair & Maintain Telecom Tower Installations Faster & more Efficiently
  1. Locate towers and installations fast.

  2. Scan the QR- or barcode on the installation to open the task in our app.

  3. Go through the checklist and fill out the task form while operating in the tower.

Easily Assign Technicians to the Right Tasks Based on Location

With location-based resource management you can assign tasks to technicians based on distance between jobs, minimizing time spend on transportation towards a site.

Track Towers & Installations more Efficiently with Precise GPS-Coordinates
With IntelliFinder your assets and tasks are linked to physical sites. Scan QR- and/or barcodes to distinguish installations near each other.
Never Miss a Deadline

Keep real-time progress on your deployments and maintenance schedule and allocate resources accordingly.​

Connect All Parties & Systems

Connect all your teams, subcontractors and systems effortlessly with our platform. Share work progress, forms and reports in real-time and eliminate the risk of miscommunication.​

Reduce Errors & Rework
Provide technicians with asset documentation, task details and mandatory checklists/forms to fulfill their job correctly - every time.​

Project Management

Effortlessly oversee deployments and maintenance using your own standardized processes, while maintaining thorough documentation and history for future reference during maintenance and repairs.

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Visual Documentation
& Quality Control

Store essential data in text, photos, or videos, utilizing coordinated documentation accessible to authorized users for both viewing and editing.

Map Towers & Assets

with Exact GPS Coordinates

Share precise location with your entire operation. Make it easy for field technicians to locate distant towers and promptly access related tasks for efficient completion.

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QR- & Barcodes

Tag assets with a QR code or register an existing barcode in the software to create a scannable shortcut for instant access to the data you need.

Mobile Asset Management

Provide field technicians with the right asset operational data and systematic guidance when and where they need it with our light app designed for field operators.

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Inventory Management

Add materials, tools and other equipment to project sites. You get an overview of stocks, usage across teams and subcontractors, repairs and locations in real-time.

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Custom Task Lists

Streamline routine work with our task management modules.

Avoid mistakes or miscommunication by monitoring tasks.

Save valuable time that can be used more productively.

Use cases for Telecom Tower companies
& Mobile Network Operators

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By job

Tower Deployment

Streamline the planning, execution, and tracking of new tower deployments for efficient project management and timely completion.

Image by Jonas Stolle

By job

Telecom Tower Inspections
& Maintenance

Enhance inspection and maintenance workflows with optimized resource allocation and precise task organization, ensuring thorough service history documentation.


By job

Tower Upgrades & Repairs

Efficiently plan and execute upgrades and repairs to minimize downtime, keeping a streamlined schedule for technicians. Our inventory management module offers real-time insight into stocks, usage, repairs, and asset locations.


By role

Project Managers

Equip project managers with a centralized platform for seamless coordination, real-time progress monitoring, and task assignment, ensuring projects stay on schedule.


By role

Field Technicians

Empower field technicians with a user-friendly app providing accurate operational data and guidance, improving task efficiency and minimizing errors during on-site operations.


By role


Extend the same task assignment capabilities to subcontractors as your in-house team, ensuring coordinated efforts and quality control for efficient project execution.


TDC is the largest Danish company in telecommunication and deals with cellphones, broadband and television primarily within the Scandinavian market.

ELTEL Networks

Eltel is a supplier of electricity in Denmark that uses the document modules of IntelliFinder to ensure that jobs are done correctly and quickly.


NET manages fiber to customers in the Faeroe Islands and utilizes IntelliFinder to secure a faster workflow and better quality control.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Best practice configuration for project planning, maps and tower maintenance.

Data migration from existing tools or spreadsheets.

A training session (45 min).

White-glove support whenever you need it.

Get started with IntelliFinder effortlessly

Your time is valuable. Realize faster time to value with our white-glove implementation and onboarding process. Our onboarding package can include:

Ready for the next step?

Book a consultation to see how your organization can benefit from IntelliFinder.

You can choose between different types of services.
A demo is a free service where you get to see the system in action to be able to make an educated decision. It usually takes about 45 min and is online. You can also book a short call from one of our specialists.

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